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Welcome to the Flat Earth. Flat is a feature, not a shape. There is no edge. Space is fake.

Now that the basics are out of the way prepare your mind, prepare your spirit and prepare your anus for a roller coaster ride into the grave of your ego. Here your dreams come to die, but they were stupid dreams anyway (lol you aren’t going to be an astronaut). This is not the Flat Earth Society.

In the strictest sense we claim that the earth is obviously and observably flat. We operate on it assuming plane geometry and take into account no curve or axial rotation. It also measures flat from multiple sight distance and laser tests against the math of the standard model. We do not need to confirm the narratives given to us of a universe which only exists in the imaginations of astronomers and theoretical physicists. Once we establish the plane (flat) geometry of Earth then curvature (and it’s fundamental component of a radius) is necessarily disproved. The assumption of radius is false therefore it’s derivative constructions are false.

Planisphere terrestre

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